Reconstruction of unfinished Beethoven Sonata in C major (WoO 51)

Based on sketches by Ludwig van Beethoven WoO 51

Beethoven probably composed the Piano Sonata in C major WoO 51 before he left Bonn, some time around 1790–91. However, it was only after his death that it was discovered. The manuscript copy contained a completed first movement (Allegro) and an incomplete second movement, an Adagio, which contains 24 bars. It is believed that it once was a three part sonata, but unfortunately we will probably never know for sure. To be able to publish it, Ferdinand Ries composed eleven additional bars in 1830. However, Cees believes the final result doesn’t do justice to Beethoven at all. For that reason Cees has digged into it and made a reconstruction of his own. He has removed the 11 bars of Ries and wrote an additional 38 bars. This provides a credible and balanced second movement of this Beethoven sonata.

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Title: Sonata in C major for Pianoforte – Second Movement, based on sketches by Ludwig van Beethoven WoO 51

Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven

Reconstruction: Cees Nieuwenhuizen

Instrumentation: Piano solo

Publication number: UM0029

ISMN-number: 9790803559355

Product format: sheet music


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